in which we are brought up to speed.

Well, here we are. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve posted. Sorry, sometimes life gets in the way.

Also, I’m just really lazy.

So, since then, life has chosen to throw some changes my way.

My mom got sick and died 4 months later.

I changed jobs.

I quit my position as a member of the state community theatre organization.

I got promoted to the boss at my new job 8 months after starting.

Got rid of one car, got a new one.

Joined a gym.

Was forced to quit my position of 28 years as the voice of my alma mater’s marching band.


So, as you can see, things have been far from static here.


I don’t know where to begin, but there’s more to come…



Cause I’ve seen blue skies, through the tears in my eyes. And I realize…I’m going home.

So it’s been one year today. One year since the world became a little less bright.

A few weeks ago, we were finally back in the theatre for a few hours to do some repair work, and you just walk in the door and you expect to see him there, smiling, behind the counter.

Making coffee.

Straightening out cans of soda and bottles of beer.

Arranging candy bars on a little silver tray.

Checking to make sure all the little details, all the housekeeping stuff was taken care of, so that we could worry about the big stuff: The audience. The performance.

His kids, he called us. “I love my kids,” he’d tell people. And he always meant it.

He was as kind, as generous, as giving a person that you’d ever want to meet. He was trusting to a fault. Over the last 10 years or so, a few people tried to take advantage of that. All they really succeeded in doing was making him mad, and strengthening his resolve.

“I want this place to go on after I am gone,“ he used to tell me.
We just never thought it would be so soon.

When some incredibly unscrupulous people, two people he trusted who, as we now know, have ZERO honor in their lives or in anything they do, tried to torpedo him, tried to ruin him, and a small group of us came together and pulled off a miracle, as the audience was leaving that performance at 2 in the morning, he just stood there and smiled. He was so proud. And happy.

And when we took that same show, and performed it to close out the state theatre conference that year, he sat in the audience and BEAMED. As the audience laughed and cheered and clapped and shouted unspeakable obscenities with us, he sat there and took it all in. We were back. He was so happy and proud of “his kids.”

And we were proud to BE his kids.

So you walk in the door, and it just feels like, it just smells like home. Everything is comfortable, and familiar. This is a place where you can express yourself. Where you can be yourself, or, if you prefer, be someone else. You climb the stairs, and there it sits, silent. Waiting.

An empty stage. A blank canvas.

His gift to us, his kids.

It’s just that now something is missing.

Thanks, Uncle Fred. We miss you.


and then it snowed.

So on Friday morning, my mother called me and asked me if I could go grocery shopping for her. I told her sure, and she said she’d go to the bank and get some money that afternoon. So I said, “if you’re going out to the bank, why not just go to the grocery store while you are out?”

“Because I can’t walk through the grocery store anymore.”




I had a bunch of stuff to do Friday after work, so I got to her house a little before 7. She was waiting for me – she’s having trouble standing up straight. She’d been to the doctor and had some tests done. He gave her some meds, and a prescription for a handicapped parking tag for her car. I didn’t realize you got a prescription for those, but there it was. I went and got her the stuff on her list – which included a beverage called Ensure, which the doctor wants her to drink in an effort to help her gain some weight. She’s gotten very thin.

I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for what I know is coming next…and I know I am not going to succeed, no matter how hard I try.



Well, here it is five pm, The finish of a long day’s work…

Lots and lots going on since I’ve been here last.

So my most recent show went off incredibly well. My cast and crew did such a great job – I am still just crazy proud of them. We had excellent audiences, and everyone seemed like they enjoyed the show quite a lot. I couldn’t be more pleased.

We head for Walt Disney World soon. I can’t wait. I need a vacation, and it’ll be nice to just get away with the wife for a little while.

I’ve noticed that, for the most part, a nice, peaceful calm has been settling over me. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a vast improvement. I’m getting much better at not letting other people get to me. I can’t control their actions, but I can control my own. One day at a time.

Almost spring cleaning time at the old homestead. The guest room is unoccupied once again, so perhaps now I can finally get it cleaned and finished off with all of my Disney stuff. I’m thinking of using that room for meditation as well. Not sure if the bright green of the walls will be conducive for that or not, but we shall see. I’m thinking of making my own seiza bench for that very purpose.

Now if I can just keep myself motivated.

Lots of turmoil in the lives of several of my friends. I’m hoping the universe calms down a bit and gives them some peace.

you’re really messing with my zen thing, man…

Day in and day out, I work with some of the dumbest, most incompetent people I have ever encountered in my life. I almost lost my cool with someone a few days ago. They’ve got a superiority complex, which is really entertaining when one learns just how incredibly stupid and bad at doing whatever in the hell it is they do there. I try to not let it bother me, but that one day last week, and today both really tried my patience.

I keep looking for a new gig, but there’s not much out there. I applied for something a week and a half ago, but since it was for something I’ve never done before, I wasn’t even able to get an interview. But I’ll keep trying. You gotta keep trying.

I was disappointed a week or so ago, because I had been really hopeful that I was going to play drums for a local production of Little Shop of Horrors. I love the show, I’ve played it 4 or 5 times, and it’s a lot of fun. Plus, I like the musical director, he’s great to work with. Well, I have a conflict the 2nd weekend of the run, so I asked if they could get a sub for me that weekend. This is not usually a problem, as I have been called in to sub there several times – all for the same guy, actually. Well, the musical director doesn’t want to train someone new for just one weekend. I disagree with him, but it’s not my show, so I’m out. And I was kind of pissed off about it, especially because the guy they’re going to use is the same fucking guy they keep calling me to sub for. But then they cast the show, and man, I am feeling TONS better about not playing it. The guy they cast as Seymour (look it up if you don’t know the show) is possibly the 2nd worst actor I have ever seen or had the misfortune to work with. The worst being, of course, the Evil and Insipid Jack L. Herman.

For more information about the Evil and Insipid Jack L. Herman, see the following links:

Those links don’t have a whole lot to do with the rest of this entry, but I enjoy making sure they continue receive attention on the internet because Jack is one of the worst d-bags who ever lived.

Anyway, this other guy SUCKS. So I feel a bit better, because I was going to have to quit, rather than play for another show that this guy is in. Seriously, I would not have been able to do it. The last time I played a show this guy was in, we had to dumb down the drum break in one of the songs, because he was unable to sing, dance and count at the same time. The first time I was involved in a show with him, he forgot a line to the Time Warp. THE FUCKING TIME WARP.  And it wasn’t one of the complicated lines, either. He’s awful. So now I feel better, because I don’t have to sit through his horrific acting or singing every night. I can enjoy my weekends in late April – early May. I have one friend in the cast who I am sorry I will not get to see, but that’s it.

We’re at 31 days until Walt Disney World!

We open in Venice, we next play Verona, then on to Cremona…

Opening night is here. Been crazy busy getting the show ready for an audience, which is why I haven’t had anything to say. These actors have busted their asses, and it shows. Tonight’s the night! Looks like good weather, if a bit cold, so I am hoping for a good audience. Once I get through this, it’s running full steam ahead into work, set construction, DISNEY and Spring Musical.

I’ll be back later tonight or tomorrow with a full report!