and then it snowed.

So on Friday morning, my mother called me and asked me if I could go grocery shopping for her. I told her sure, and she said she’d go to the bank and get some money that afternoon. So I said, “if you’re going out to the bank, why not just go to the grocery store while you are out?”

“Because I can’t walk through the grocery store anymore.”




I had a bunch of stuff to do Friday after work, so I got to her house a little before 7. She was waiting for me – she’s having trouble standing up straight. She’d been to the doctor and had some tests done. He gave her some meds, and a prescription for a handicapped parking tag for her car. I didn’t realize you got a prescription for those, but there it was. I went and got her the stuff on her list – which included a beverage called Ensure, which the doctor wants her to drink in an effort to help her gain some weight. She’s gotten very thin.

I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for what I know is coming next…and I know I am not going to succeed, no matter how hard I try.




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